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Anna Mgaloblishvili

Anna Mgaloblishvili Anna Mgaloblishvili

Abstract Figurative

Anna Mgaloblishvili is a painter.
Graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, department of painting
In 2004 Anna got PH.D. as an Art Historian. Her thesis – The Features of the
Development of Church Painting in Georgia at the Beginning of the XXth Century
(1900-1921) – was the first attempt to investigate Georgian Christian Art painting
of this period.
Currently she is a Professor in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Department of History
and Theory of Art.

Main Exhibitions:

2009     Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi                                                                      
2009     “Madam”, Gallery 9, Tbilisi
2009     Gallery Vernisage, Tbilisi
2009     Art Gene Festival, Club 33A, Tbilisi
2009     Blue Flower, Sommergalerie,  Germany,
2007     Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi
2004     The Poetics of Invisible Book, Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi,                                                                   
2003     Women Artists Exhibition, Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi,                                                                           
2001     National Gallery, Tbilisi,               
2000     25 years later, Children’s National gallery, Tbilisi,               
1998     Greece in the Modern Art of Georgia, National gallery, Tbilisi,                 
1998     Theatre, Myth, Circle, Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi,
1998     “Greece”, E. Akhvlediani Museum, Tbilisi,              
1997     National Gallery, Tbilisi,                
1996     Greece, Old Gallery, Tbilisi,               
1996     Next to the War, Artist’s Central House, Moscow,                
1995     Gallery Hobby, Tbilisi,                
1994     Gallery Mars, Moscow,               
1994     Business Center Mtatsminda, Tbilisi,                
1993     Mutual Paradigms, Tbilisi national Museum,                  
1991     “Ateni”,  Artist’s house, Tbilisi,


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