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Kamran Adle




Kamran Adle was born in 1941. His high school years were spent partly in Tehran and partly in France. He holds a diploma from the technical college of photography in France.

Kamran Adle was active in all photography fields and founded modern journalistic photography, stage photography (television, theatre, cinema and the Shiraz Art Festival), architectural and social photography.

From 1975 until the Islamic Revolution, he worked with the offices of the ex-Queen of Iran, photographing carpet museums, Reza Abbasi, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kerman Museum, Rasht Museum and various photography work for publications, including 10 volumes on the Implementation of Design in Iranian Tile Works, Passage Through Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiyari, and The Contemporary Architecture of Iran.

 From 1979, he began his cooperation with the newly-established Agha Khan Cultural Foundation as photographer of the jury for the Agha Khan Award for Architecture, also taking photographs of various cities in the Islamic world.  Kamran Adle also has substantial activities in the fields of art and culture and participates in various activities, the last of which is his Iranian Garden installation at the Sa’d-Abad Gardens (March 2005).

At the request of Mir Hossein Mousavi - who is an architect by profession – Kamran Adle photographed his works in 2007, accompanied by his annotations. This collection of 144 photographs was exhibited at the Saba Cultural Centre and attended by 8000 visitors on opening day. It is the single largest, most comprehensive solo photography exhibition in Iranian history.

In March 2008, Kamran Adle was chosen as a member of the Global Nomination Panel of 40 leading experts from six continents to select the photography to which The Pictet Photographic Award in Sustainability will be awarded in association with The London Financial Time.

 To date, eight short and long films have also been made and shown on Kamran Adle. The last one was a three-hour television programme, the filming of which was left unfinished due to the unrests of 2009. 

Apart from his regular occupation, Kamran Adle has also worked on numerous collections, a part of which has been published and part is waiting to be published







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