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Konstantin Mindadze

Born  05/ 02/ 1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam,the
Netherlands. Multidisciplinary visual artist, Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Tbilisi, Georgia.
Member of Arti Et Amicitae, Amsterdam, NL

Minimalism, Conceptual Art


2010    Solo exhibition “From Heaven to Hell” at gallery “Bremer” in Tilburg, the Netherlands
2010    Solo exhibition “Moments Together, Years Apart” at the Gallery “Peter Marcelle Contemporary” in Southampton, NY, USA
2010    “On The Way” Project supported by Ministry of Culture, Georgia


2010    “Collected and Assembled by Times, Void, Chaos and Order” at Gallery 9, Tbilisi, Georgia
2005     InfraRed Show' at New Art Union “Tapi” – Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia
2004    ‘Untitled works collected’ at “Airzena head office” in Tbilisi, Georgia
2003    “The Birth of “Viodrome” at open studio Kote Mindadze & 'AP-Gallery' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2003    “Viodrome” at 'TMS' -  Modern Art Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia
2003    'Clockworks' at Gallery 'Medea'-  in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2002    'Rest of Interpositions' at 'Arts Place' in Amsterdam the Netherlands
2001     “INTERPOSITIONS' at 'TMS' Modern Art Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia
2001     'Surface in Pisces' at open studio ‘K&NM’, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1997     cafe- bar 'Bachus' in Schoorl, the Netherlands


2010    Six men show  “Empty Spaces” organized by British Council at State Academy of Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
2009     Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland
2009    “De Salon 09/10” at Gallery Arti Et Amicitae – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2009    “Text Art” by Young Georgian Artists at Open Society Georgia Foundation organized by TRAM, Tbilisi, Georgia
2009     Participation at 2nd International Contemporary Art show “Artisterium 09” at State Museum of Tbilisi’s History -Tbilisi, Georgia
2009    Group travel exhibition “One can’t change heartbeat of my country” at state theater of Gori, Georgia, at university of Akhaltsihe,
2009    Georgia, at state Museum of Art in Rustavi, Georgia, and at state gallery in Signagi, Georgia
2009    “Transcaucasus- All & Now” at Ujazdowski Castle, and at Kordegard Gallery in Warsaw, Poland
2009    “Werk van Nieuwe Leden” at Gallery Arti Et Amicitae – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008    “De Salon 08/09” at Gallery Arti Et Amicitae – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2007     Presentation of art catalogue “New Generation in Contemporary Georgian Art” at gallery ‘Kopala’ in Tbilisi, Georgia
2007    “Square Foot Show” at the Gallery “Art Gotham” (Chelsea), New York, NY
2007    Five men show “10th Stop” from “Tram” artists at the gallery “ARCI”  in Tbilisi, Georgia
2005    Participation at the Second International Art Convention – ‘Art Caucasus’ at ‘GTC’ (Georgian Trade Center) in Tbilisi Georgia
2003    International art fair 'HAF' at Congress Centrum in Den Haag, the Netherlands
2002    “De Kader” show and performance at 'Arts Place' Contemporary Art Gallery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002    Works in stock at 'Ferry Grunning Gallery' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002    'Undimensional Panorama of the Clones' at 'Universe' Modern Art Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia
2000    Cells series at 'Ferry Grunning Gallery' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1996    1997  'Schoorlse Kunsten'  at 'Oorsprong' in Schoorldam, the Netherlands
1994    1995  Various works at 'Oorsprong' in Schoorldam, the Netherlands.


2010    CD design for Mikheil Urushadze with small presentation at Café Belle De Jour, Tbilisi, Georgia
2009    Visuals and Video Installation for the Music Event at Radisson Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia
2008    Member of renowned Dutch art society “Arti Et Amicitae”  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008    Decorations at the “Bunker’ New Years Party – Amsterdam Sloterdijk, the Netherlands
2006    2007 Works in Brooklyn, NY
2005    Lounge of
2004    Member of “Transform Art Module”
2001    Member of Dutch Artists Union “Arts Place Contemporary” , Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2001    Digital Design & Decorations for Nato Mindadze solo exhibition at 'Karavan-sarai' 'Historic Museum Tbilisi' in Tbilisi, Georgia
2001    State Conservatory’ & Music Theater - designed ‘Nodar Gabunia’ Award in Tbilisi, Georgia.
2000    Works as an Art Director / Copywriter & Designer by the Advertising agency ‘MAGI Style – Ogilvy’ on the project ‘GT Mobile’ in Tbilisi,
1999    Collaborative work with film- director/ actor I. Apakidze on the project/ theater performance 'The Emigrants' (digital prints, decorations,
1999    photography & design) at 'Stadschouwburg' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1996    1997 Digital prints, Decorations & Design for art manifestation days 'Schoorlse Kunsten' curated by Jaap Borgers  in Schoorl, Bergen,
1996    1997 Groet and Camperduin, the Netherlands

Anna Mgaloblishvili
Anri Basilaia
Anton Balanchivadze
Avtandil Gurgenidze
Dima Tsutskiridze
Eric Kruszewski
Gela Jincharadze
Giorgi Dolidze
Irma Sharikadze
Kamran Adle
Konstantin Mindadze
Levan Kherkheulidze
Maka Batiashvili
Manuchar Okrostsvaridze
Natela Grigalashvili
Nino Morbedadze
Nino Moseshvili
Rocko Iremashvili
Tatia (Tamar) Darchiashvili
Tika Chkhikvishvili
Vika Berishvili
Yuri Berishvili

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