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About us


Gallery “9” embraces all the  postmodernist trends evolving in visual art nowadays.
Here you find yourself in surrounding of all modern Art directions – abstractionism
 with its modifications, as well as  conceptualism, absurdism,  contexts and objects.
The Gallery has set its concept that entails displaying itself as an Art Object transcripting
“ Absurd Zone #9”.
The Gallery is encouraging artistic thinking and perception of the process taking place in
modern visual art.Gallery “9” is exposing painting, graphic, object, photo, as well as projects
and arte-facts expressed through other means.
This is a space of the absurd where the art process is taking place in. This process is called
“Now” . To the public “Now” is an exhibition with its performers and soloists

Gallery “9” was founded in July 2009
Head and founder of the Gallery Marina Amzashvili is a professional manager/
management consultant and Art curator.Vika Berishvili, artist/designer is an Art manager of the Gallery.
Our team is open for partnership with artists and
art groups who may share the Gallery values.

Projects and other details/CV/portfolio can be submitted/discussed through e-mail


20 Simon Chikovani Str. 0171 Tbilisi. Georgia. Tel: + 995 595 999153 E-mail: