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Text to the project
Illusion of Absurdity – "Zen Object"

By Yuri Berishvili 

Zen Object is an attempt of stylistic absurdity, which I (an artist) apply to display real and irreal,
rational and irrational and here the most acceptable way for me is to use vision or vision of art.
Vis-Art advances vision and not any direction in painting. It is not depended upon any stylistic
dogma in the exposition and is emphasizing colour, cloth, plasticity and line combinations to create
that rhythm and vibrations which make possible to get beyond the picture or even stay at the border
of it and view subconscious and super conscious.
Stylistic absurdity is the one of the most acceptable models for me to feel liberty through. It does not
depend on any logic but for some reason or other enables me to display the reality existed beyond the
art work in the space between interexceptionable styles.
I use a mirror as a "reversed metaphor" allowing viewers to look at themselves and take reality for
"Zen Object" is a visual provocation and has no other function but to make people misunderstood,
as the viewer has expected to find philosophical and intellectual entity in it.
What we view – is absurd and illusion.
"Zen Object" is to cause very uncommon feeling of this absurd through the way of instantaneous and
variable experience.
My "Zen Object" is either metaphor or…time





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