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The tree is an artifact – artifact of nature
Avant-garde is an artifact – artifact of art

I am for absurd in art. Absurd is reality. Absurd is free and humane
Absurd is beyond the artifact, but it might be the part of artifact, or
even contain that. Postmodernism itself is a huge cultural artifact.
It is tired of art and that is the absurd of postmodernism.

Modern art today is postmodernism. It has given us maximal freedom
so that we make art.The essential is the process with its thinking/concept
"Today" and "Now" are maximal freedom for the art process, and this
freedom has been spread within art space

Art has got absolutely free. It does not need permission to be depended
on any style.
Art has got spontaneous action in culture.
Art has become a banished citizen of intellect…

Yuri Berishvili, 2008






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