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Art Process

Art Process

Birth starts from maternity hospital, or from some other place.. from artifact even, when something may be born untimely – so is “carma”!
Today is a birthday of the Fact – and this is a historical day. “The Absurd Zone” – a genuine Georgian conceptual project was born today at Gallery 9, with participation of visual art communicators presented here today. These are all those people and galleries, which have influenced an art process, or who have been themselves influenced by art in different way and degree, and who created the main artifact of Georgian visual culture.
Galleries interfere with artists  fate; or with their soul and skin - sometimes roughly, sometimes with passion or delicacy, leaving their indelible imprint thereon, and that’s written in “Akasha-Chronicles”.
For some people an artist is associated with a consumer product placed at the shop-widow, for others – he/she represents a talent’s obituary, or epitaph for past.
For the first time in the history of visual art, the gallerists, art critics and collectors, and not the artists - are presented here today. That’s why this project is unique and interesting.
Usually galleries present artists. Today we present the manipulators of the art process – gallerists and readers. It is kind of an intellectual trap for everyone, for both - the viewer and the participant, and there is only one way out – to meet one’s self and continue the process…

Yuri Berishvili 
Artist, project author
Gallery “9”, 2010     





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