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Bridge – is an idea of hope and integration into the world culture and is spiritual heritage. This is an “optimistic” existence and the main nuance of the idea.
Project “Bridge” is the joint action of  Gallery 9 and  the U.S Embassy in Tbilisi and is dedicated to public awareness of the US-Georgia cultural relationships

The exhibition of five prominent Georgian abstractionists ( DavidKakabadze, Alexander Bandzeladze, JibsonKhundadze, GiaEdzgveradze, Yuri Berishvili) at MoMA Tbilisi, and the display of high-quality images of the well-known representatives of American Abstract Expressionists (Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollok, Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning,)  on large bill boards in the central streets of Tbilisi represents a symbolic cultural bridge between the two countries.

There is a big importance of American abstract expressionism in general, and its decisive impact on what we call now with all assuredness Georgian abstractionism in the fifties-eighties of the twentieth century.

The high quality images of the American artists have been provided by New York Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA), Metropolitan Museum,  Museum of Thyssen-Bornemissa  ( Madrid).
They eagerly supported the project idea.

The joint catalogue has  been  published, with the review of Natalia Kolodzei  -  Art Historian, Curator, Fine Art Appraiser, being a consultant of the project

Georgia has still to register abstractionism as a nonconformist phenomenon and tendency, which liberated Georgian art from the “provincialism” syndrome and made it a full-fledged member of the liberal world art.

That is another reason  why the project is so  important

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