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Konstantin Mindadze


Creations and Creative Destructions – (Trilogy in Progress)
Part of the Exhibition

Bloody White (Object + Single channel Video Projection) - 2008
Acrylic, pigment, household industrial gloss paint, bullets; 20mm shotgun, 357 magnums on plywood
Dimension; 90x40x7cm
Duration; 3min16sec

Project “Bloody White” is the first part from the series of projects in progress “Creations and Creative Destructions”. It includes painted wooden object and single channel video installation. Trough this composition I give a metaphor of creation and it’s processed destruction, which I link with an idea of what mankind in general does in their lifecycle. Human nature is pretty much self destructive. We actually destroy each other’s and our own creations. There were always horrors going on our planet; like wars, violence’s, interruptions etc… and still are actually – still more and more. Those issues off coarse reflect on contemporary art, especially for me it became another subject matter. I question myself; “- Is there a time to paint beautiful flowers?” I guess not for me. Maybe because we all have experienced some of those tense conditions many times. So this piece can be reviewed as art awareness with main message that people should take care of each other’s existence and their creations, because it’s fragile like any masterpiece created by human hands.

So there is how I’ve expressed it: I’ve painted on wooden piece in many layers; with acrylic, then with pigments and with three extra layers of household industrial gloss paint, finally varnishing it with lacquer. One side white and the other side vivid red. When I’ve finished the monochrome object (obelisk), I’ve managed to arrange a special appointment at the shooting club in Langedijk the Netherlands to film it’s controlled destruction using several different weapons. The bullet holes actually made the depth of several layers visible. The four minute video shows us the process itself – the transformation from one solid work to another. The final result object with bullets spread around stands for idea of – “what would you get when you altering attacking the purity” or in another words “after effects of violence”. This first experimental work is project in progress.

(Sculpture + Single channel Video Projection) – 2009/ 2010
Nitro emulsion, enamel and tank traces on manipulated iron plate
Dimension: 250x125x2,2cm
Duration of video: 13min 33sec

Project “Fragile” is the second part from the series of projects in progress “Creations and Creative Destructions”. It includes a large scale painted iron sheet as a sculpture and single channel video installation. In “Fragile” the subject matter is exactly the same as in “Bloody White”, only here technique of execution lays in another mediums. Here instead of bullets I’m using an actual war machine – a Tank in context as a brush, to imprint the traces on (layered painted with nitro enamels) red monochrome iron sheet. In another word; ‘to leave the traces of fragile exactness’ on the object as a sculpture. The video shows us the process of that particular transformation and its final episodes are filmed at Vaziani military base, Georgia - with special permission. This second experimental work is as well a project in progress.

Explosive Studies (Works on Paper + Single channel Video Projection) – 2009/ 2010
Enamel paint, bister, viridis nitentis substance, 10% iodine solution, fool’s gold, firecracker explosives on 16 cellulose cardboard papers
Size: 22,5x20cm each, unframed
Duration of video; 14min

Project “Explosive Studies” is the third part from the series of projects in progress “Creations and Creative Destructions”. It includes the sub-series of works on cellulose paper (which I see as studies) and a single channel video installation. Also here the idea and subject matter stays exactly the same like on its predecessors “Bloody White” and “Fragile” – only here again I’ve changed the materials and technique of execution.  This time I’m painting with range of enamel paints, old Dutch bister, adding some fool’s gold particles, viridis nitentis liquid substance and 10% iodine solution – as a metaphor of healing the wounds – on the cellulose cardboard paper pieces. And right after finishing the work I place and explode one or two different firecracker explosives on each unit. The video shows us again the process of creation and its splashy small explosive transformation. This is an indoor project and is filmed at my studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. I called this sixteen piece composition studies because it can be repeated monumentally on larger materials (like selected metals) with heavier controlled explosions outdoor at military base polygons for example. This third experimental work is also project in progress.

Concepts © Konstantin Mindadze - 2010






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