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Metaphysical Object


Metaphysical object is combination of  absurd  and metaphysics, and  sometimes even a mystical metaphor.
Today is the epoch   of absurd…
Absurd is metaphysics,  is not it?...
We have arranged here  “Art consultation”  just to clear up where is the border  this   object is standing at, and  what is the entity of  “National Metaphysics”
This is the first and the last attempt of  Georgian Art  Meters  and  Centimeters, who might be lost  in imaginary world  looking for the  Object .  They can be
watched then on TV, being  excited by new epoch,  while others hide themselves in underground  of the physical world.
…And why the last attempt?
Afterwards everything will be very concrete and defined …and what is already clear can not  be metaphysics ever …
P.S. Yesterday one of the participants was selling empty bottles in the cellar,  it also happens in the metaphysical world …

Yuri Berishvili
Project  “Meta Author”
Gallery “9” , 2011


Guram Tsibakhashvili Lia Bagrationi Mamuka Lekiashvili




David Monavardiashvili Levan Kherkheulidze Giorgi Dolidze






Yuri Berishvili


Rocko Iremashvili  








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